AERA CERAMIC SADDLES  equivalent to intalox saddle write are a type of structured packing material used in various chemical and industrial processes, including distillation, absorption, and stripping columns. They are designed to provide a large surface area for improved mass transfer and separation efficiency.

AERA Ceramic saddles are shaped like small, hollow cylinders with a curved top and a flared base, resembling a horse saddle. They are typically made of high-quality ceramic materials, such as porcelain or alumina, which offer excellent chemical resistance, thermal stability, and mechanical strength.

The distinctive shape of AERA ceramic saddles allows for the creation of a large internal void space and a significant surface area. This design facilitates the flow of liquid and gas within the column, promoting effective contact and mass transfer between the phases. The curved top of each saddle provides increased surface area for the liquid film to spread, while the flared base allows for even gas distribution and reduced pressure drop.

The key advantage of AERA ceramic saddles lies in their ability to achieve high separation efficiency while maintaining a low pressure drop across the column. The structured packing arrangement of the saddles promotes uniform distribution of the liquid and gas phases, minimizing the risk of channeling or preferential flow paths. This uniform flow distribution enables better utilization of the column's capacity and enhances the overall separation performance.

AERA Ceramic saddles are particularly suitable for applications that involve corrosive or high-temperature environments. Their ceramic construction provides exceptional resistance to a wide range of chemicals and can withstand high operating temperatures. This makes them ideal for processes involving aggressive or challenging process streams.