AERA CERAMIC SUPER SADDLES equivalent to are a specific type of structured packing material widely used in various industrial applications, including distillation, absorption, and stripping processes. They are an enhanced version of the traditional ceramic saddles, designed to provide improved performance in terms of mass transfer and separation efficiency.

AERA CERAMIC SUPER SADDLES have a unique geometric shape resembling a hollow cylinder with multiple internal and external fins. These fins increase the surface area of the saddles, allowing for enhanced contact between the liquid and gas phases within the column. The increased surface area promotes better mass transfer, leading to improved separation and purification of the process streams.

The internal and external fins of AERA CERAMIC SUPER SADDLES provide several benefits. The internal fins create a tortuous path for the liquid flow, effectively spreading and redistributing the liquid film across the surface of the saddles. This promotes more intimate contact between the liquid and gas phases, enhancing mass transfer efficiency. The external fins help to distribute the gas phase evenly, reducing pressure drop and optimizing the flow characteristics within the column.

Like traditional ceramic saddles, AERA CERAMIC SUPER SADDLES are made from high-quality ceramic materials, such as porcelain or alumina, which offer excellent chemical resistance, high-temperature stability, and mechanical strength. These properties make them suitable for applications involving corrosive or aggressive process streams and elevated operating temperatures.